Privacy Policy

The app does not store information of location or captured pic in any place permanently on the server side. The data is transmitted in RSA/AES128 and transmitted to server. The server does store this temporarily to decrypt the data and send the email. Once the email is sent files are deleted from server. The email sent folder is also cleared. If you lose the alert email data then there is no way to recover it back.

Since app does not store data, it is not possible to sell or distribute the data from perspective of server. Please note that it is possible that the person the alert has been sent to might forward/share data.

If the email sent bounces for any reason then the email is recorded as invalid in a database. Note that this is the only information that is ever persisted and stored.

In any case the app and the developer take no responsibility whatsoever. The app and service is provided for free with no ads. By using the app/service you remove app and developer from any kind of responsibility related to loss, fraud or problems of any kind. This is especially true in case of the servers being compromised by an outsider. The developer will do his best to solve the problem to best of his capability when notified.