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1. I don't see location details in the email?
It is possible that in your version of android you will have to enable at the minimum location collection from the network (better if you enable even the GPS). For example, on LG MS695 running Android 2.3.6 you will need to go the settings -> Location & Security Settings and select Use Wireless networks, Use GPS satellites and Use assisted GPS.

2. How can I convert the Latitude and Longitude sent in the text file to something I can understand?
Enter the details here and see the location details.

3. What is scare screen?
When the unlock attempts exceeds a screen is displayed asking the user to return the device to the owner or authority as his pic, location details are sent to the owner.

4. Does the app work without front camera on my device?
Yes. You will just not receive any images in the email or in your Dropbox account.

5. Does the app work without enabling the minimum network location triangulation?
Yes. You will just not receive any location information in the email or in your Dropbox account.

6. Do you store the location and picture data sent through email alert?

7. Do you store the "to" address configured in the app to which alert is sent to?

8. Do you display ad's of any form in app or in email?

9. My app is not working. What should I do?
Try disable capture image options and test. Post your results at google groups.

10. Can I avoid using your email alert?
Yes. Disable email in the configuration. Email will not be sent, infact no data is ever transmitted to server. If you have enabled dropbox, then data will be uploaded to your dropbox account. If you have enabled save in gallery, then it will be saved at DCIM/UnlockAlertImages directory.

11. How do I uninstall?
Open the app and switch off the service if its on. Now, you should be able to uninstall from the android device in the normal way. Note that the app is running as device administrator so either switch off the service or go to device administrator settings and remove the app from it for uninstall to work.

12. What are these permissions in the app for?
android.permission.CAMERA: To capture image from front camera to alert.
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To save the image/location data in device.
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To collect location data using GPS for including in the alert.
android.permission.INTERNET: To send alerts using email and dropbox.
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To check connectivity to internet.
android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE: To enable data.
android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To check connectivity to internet through wifi.
android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: To switch on wifi if off.

13. Can I help?
I am hosting 2-3 redundancy server for this free app to alert using email. I plan to buy a domain soon to use for description and emails. If you think this app is useful please consider donating the domain for a period of atleast 5 years.

14. Help in any other way?
Not right now.

15. Who are you and Why did you build this?
I am a technologist and a developer who likes to build things. It was high time that I had learnt Android, on the way to which I ended up building this app. Feel free to suggest features on google groups, anything that sounds interesting and technically challenging might be implemented.

16. Can I contact you for some job opportunity?
Sure, you can see my resume with contact information on my blog: Resume or connect with me on LinkedIn. Note that I dont accept any invitations on linkedin from profiles with no profile pic or with no introductory message in the invite.